Point of Sale & Signage

What better way is there of advertising your products than with a well-designed and stunningly made display located at your point of sale?

Whether a one-off display or a collection of eye-catching displays we will get your products looking the best they can possibly be.

The phrase ‘point-of-sale display’ covers a huge range of printed promotional materials.

Point of sale display refers to any graphics placed in a prominent position in a shop, supermarket, wholesale outlet, petrol station or garden center that aim to encourage customers to make a purchase.

Cleverly-designed signs and displays can make a big difference to your sales figures as they give you the chance to say what’s so good about your products – they can do the selling for you!

 manufacture in the UK and with over 30 years of experience in the plastic industry. Providing you with exceptional quality and using only the best of the industry’s leading brands we are able to ensure longevity in all the products we manufacture. No matter your industry we can offer a solution to display your products with maximum effect.

You can email a drawing/design, telephone with an idea, or simply call our Bradford warehouse and speak face-to-face with our fabricators to go through your design. Even take the opportunity to have a look round our workshop and see what the machines are capable of

All point of sale is generally made from Acrylic due to its many advantages including:

  • Its high transparency rate of 93% giving your products a clear platform for viewing
  • Its ability to but cut to any shape, moulded, bent and polished.
  • Its high impact resistance. It is also easily cleaned.
  • It is light weight and can be easily moved.
  • Available in clear, frost, silk and a variety of solid colours.
  • It is a waterproof material and can be used safely outside. It should not discolour or melt in the sunlight.

Some of the display options we are able to manufacture include:

  • Plinths, Platforms, Steps and Risers
  • Museum Display Cases
  • Acrylic Lecterns
  • Poster Holders – Portrait and Landscape
  • Leaflet Holders – Portrait and Landscape
  • Business Card Boards/ Holders
  • Glasses Displays
  • Suggestions / Comment boxes
  • Tiered Trays
  • Ipad/ Tablet/ Smart Phone Holders
  • Acrylic Book Stands/ Holders with/without a lip
  • Acrylic Shelves – Corner, L-Shaped, Rectangular
  • Reading Bookstand Holder

We have used FP for over 10 years to assist us in producing high quality products with a quick turnaround.

Richard Alan
Engineering Co. Ltd

We have every confidence in their ability to manufacture items to the highest quality and finish.

Northern Pump Supplies Ltd

They’re always willing to help and advice on complex projects and are always somehow able to meet our impossible deadlines.

Martin Popplestone
Digital Plus

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